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31 Jan 2024

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New fitness to practise data report

A new data report by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) provides an insight into its role in protecting the public by ensuring the registered workforce is trusted, skilled and fit to practise.

It’s the first time we’ve published such a report on our fitness to practise data. It follows a similar report on Register data we published last year and helps to build a unique insight into the social work, social care and children and young people workforce.

People registered with the SSSC must meet the standards, behaviours and values set out in the SSSC’s Codes of Practice and we can take action if they fall below these standards. This can be removing them from the Register, suspension, a warning or a condition on their registration, for example to complete extra learning.

The report shows the vast majority of the 170,313 people on our Register practise safely, effectively and are doing a great job. On average we investigate only 1.1.% of registrants each year and 96 people were removed from the Register during 2022-2023.

It shows that the length of time we take to close fitness to practise referrals is reducing and takes on average 5.4 months. Other data in the report highlights that inappropriate behaviour at work is the most frequent type of behaviour we investigate.

Watch our videos  

You can hear more about the report and what it means from SSSC Acting Director of Regulation, Hannah Coleman and SSSC Senior Intelligence Analyst, Will Hand in the videos below.



The right people on the Register

SSSC Acting Chief Executive, Maree Allison said: ‘As regulator for the social work, social care and children and young people workforce we need to make sure the right people are on the Register.

‘This first fitness to practise report provides a snapshot of our work to protect the public by taking action against those who don’t meet the standards in the Codes of Practice.

‘This is a very important part of our regulatory role, although it’s important to remember that it’s only a very small percentage of registrants that are referred to fitness to practise.

‘The vast majority of the more than 170,000 people on our Register are doing a great job and providing a high quality of care to the people they support.’

Fitness to practise

Key points in the report.

  • On average we investigate 1.1% of registrants each year.
  • We received 2,674 referrals between 1 April and 31 October 2023.
  • We take on average 5.4 months to close a fitness to practise referral.
  • Most of our referrals are made by employers, who have a duty to raise fitness to practise concerns with us.
  • The most frequent type of behaviour we investigate is inappropriate behaviour at work.
  • Most fitness to practise referrals we receive end in no further action.

Read the full report SSSC Data Snapshot Report: Fitness to Practise.

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