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15 Feb 2024

SSSC Codes of Practice Professional standards

Next steps for the revised Codes

We’re in the final stages of the Codes of Practice review. Over the past two years, we gathered feedback and ideas from registrants, employers, learning providers, people experiencing care and other key stakeholders.

This helped us make sure the revised Codes reflect the values, behaviours and standards expected of workers and employers and current practice and policy.

What will be different in the revised Codes?

Most people who took part in the review told us they liked the simple and clear wording of the Codes. As a result, we’ve been careful to only make changes where necessary. We identified some duplication, which we’ve removed.

Updated wording and a more positive, empowering tone

We have refreshed some of the wording which felt outdated. For example, changing ‘people who use services’ to ‘individuals’. You asked us to think about tone as well as wording. The revised Codes aim to take a more empowering tone and use positive language.

Kindness and compassion

The revised Codes make clearer links to the Health and Social Care Standards, support our commitment to The Promise and more strongly reflect the importance of kindness, compassion and involvement in decision making.

Greater focus on relationships, trauma and risk enablement

The revised Codes reflect the importance of positive relationships as well as maintaining appropriate boundaries. We’ve added a new Code on working in a way that is informed by an understanding of the impact of trauma.

Going live with the revised Codes  

The SSSC Council approved the revised Codes at their 26 February meeting.

The revised Codes will take effect on 1 May 2024. 

You can read a text version of the revised Codes here.  

You will find the designed Codes on our website from 1 May

Unlike previous Codes we won’t print copies. Instead, we’re making sure the Codes are easy to view on different devices, including mobile phones. We’ll also provide alternative versions including ereader and printable versions too. 

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council