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13 Jul 2023

SSSC registration SSSC Codes of Practice

Answering your questions about our future proofing changes

We know registrants and employers have lots of questions about how the Future Proofing Programme (FPP) changes affect them, so we’ve answered some of them in our FPP FAQs.

The changes we’re making affect several different areas including:

  • the Register
  • the Register search on the SSSC website
  • qualifications and skills
  • flexibility of qualifications
  • the Codes of Practice.

For registrants

People already registered with us won’t need to do anything when we make the changes to our Register, we’ll make all the changes needed and let you know when we do.

Your registration date won’t change and neither will your fee. Your fee would only change if you to move to a different job role level.

We’re also introducing an annual declaration for registrants to maintain their registration, which you’ll be able to do in MySSSC by confirming or updating your personal and employment details and paying your annual fee. This replaces the old system of renewing registration every five years.

Read the full answers to these and more questions in our FFP FAQs.

For employers

Employers will also have questions about how the changes will affect their staff, changes to qualifications and skills and the time to gain qualifications.

We plan to implement changes to qualifications and skills from April 2024 and may phase in some of them. We’ll keep you up to date in our newsletters and on our website.

We are reducing the length of time given for registrants to gain the required qualification to three years, however some groups who are required to gain two qualifications will have five years.

We’re also making qualifications more flexible to allow people to move between services more easily by recognising some SVQs for more parts of the Register than we do currently. As part of the new continuous professional learning (CPL) process we may ask registrants moving to a different type of service to complete extra learning during the first year, for example child or adult protection.

Read the full answers to these and more questions in our FFP FAQs.

Any more questions?

We’ll update our FPP FAQs as we move closer to implementing the changes and will add new information as we have it.

If you have questions we’ve not already answered, please email so we can update our FPP FAQs.

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council