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22 Jun 2023

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New videos to help with your supervision conversations

We have produced five short videos to help managers and workers in social services make the most of and benefit from supervision.

The videos are part of our supervision suite of resources designed to support good supervision conversations, whether you are new to your role or experienced. Using these resources will give you an opportunity to reflect and learn.

Overview and wellbeing

In the first of two animation videos, ‘What is supervision?’ we give an overview of what supervision is and why it’s important for social service staff. It covers the key types of supervision, what to expect from supervision conversations and how these contribute towards building positive relationships and keeping each other safe.

The ’Wellbeing in supervision’ animation video introduces the importance of having a focus on wellbeing during supervision conversations. It is an opportunity to regularly and consistently check in with staff on how they are feeling, managing and coping and to offer the appropriate support.

Sharing experiences

The other three videos show colleagues from criminal justice, social care and an older people’s service sharing their approaches to supervision in practice, helping you understand the importance of supervision and how these conversations support the wellbeing of staff in different social service settings.

They demonstrate the value of prioritising relationships in the workplace and the critical role that leaders, managers and supervisors have in role modelling effective listening, nurturing and developing people in our social service workforce.

We would like to thank Fife Older People’s Social Work Services, Abbotsford and HMP Edinburgh for sharing their experience.

View the videos and the other supervision resources here.

If you’d like to know more about our supervision resources and other leadership learning activities, please contact us at follow us on Twitter at @SSSCLeadership 

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Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council