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12 May 2020

Social service workforce

Share your story with us

As a social service worker and an SSSC registrant you make an immensely positive difference to the lives of people you care for.

We know you are providing great care, commitment and support during the current COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to greatly appreciate the work you do and your contribution in supporting people, families and communities with many of you going the extra mile for those who need support more than ever. We also recognise the nature of this work can bring extra pressures and stresses. 

As much as this is a demanding time, we would like to capture and celebrate some of your wonderful stories and share them to help other workers and the wider community understand and recognise the vital role social services play in our communities. We want the public to know about the amazing commitment, compassion and kindness within social services at this critical time. 

Being #SSSCregistered

Being registered means that you have the necessary values set out in the SSSC Code of Practice, skills and qualifications (or are working towards a qualification) for your role.

It means that people using services, their families, carers and the wider public know that social services are delivered by a trusted, skilled and confident workforce.

Talking about registration will help more people to understand what it means and reassure them you have the necessary values, skills and qualifications.

New and returning workers and carers 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen many people returning to work and volunteering in social services and other caring roles throughout our communities. Many of those are not registered with us but they also deliver wonderful care and have the necessary skills and values set out in the SSSC Code of Practice. 

Get involved - here’s what you can do

We know how busy you may be at the moment, so you can share your story in a few different ways.

  • Share a photo, video or a post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtags #lifechangingwork and #SSSCregistered.
  • Send us a short article (200 words max). Email
  • Print the I’m #SSSCregistered and We’re #SSSC registered posters and share your photo.
  • Share the I’m #SSSCregistered image on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Please note – if you submit a photo or video with your short article be mindful of government and health protection guidance, such as social distancing and infection control/PPE and make sure these can be taken safely. You will also need to fill in the SSSC consent form for each person shown here

We will use your photo or video on our website and share it, along with your story, on our social media channels. We will not keep your photo or video for any longer than five years.

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council