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25 Jul 2022

Leadership Your learning

New National Leadership Development Programme

A new leadership development programme for health and social care staff launches this October. Sign up for an information event to find out more and learn how you can get involved. 

What is the programme? 

The National Leadership Development Programme (NLDP) will offer a range of leadership development opportunities and support for health, social care and social work staff.  

This will include: 

  • community events - open to all with an interest in compassionate, collaborative leadership 
  • tailored support for national, strategic and systemic cohorts and communities of practice 
  • talent management tools, and support for leaders and aspiring leaders. 

We are a partner in the programme and are working closely with Scottish Government and others to help develop it. 


There will be a series of NLDP information events before the launch so you can find out more about what’s on offer and how it might support your leadership journey. Each event will lasts 40 minutes.  

Sign up for free using the following links. 


You can also sign up for the NLDP monthly newsletter by sending your name and email address to:  


Contact information

Nichola Stark
Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Scottish Social Services Council