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30 Nov 2021

Your learning

MyLearning celebrates first birthday

November marks one year since we launched our MyLearning app. To celebrate, we reflect on its overwhelming success, the journey so far and look forward to what is coming next for MyLearning.

MyLearning now has over 21,000 users and since launch 168,000 learning logs have been recorded and 3,700 learning logs have been shared with managers, supervisors, colleagues and employers.

George Burton, Learning and Development Adviser in the SSSC’s Digital Learning team and lead for MyLearning said:

‘I’m overwhelmed by the positive response to our MyLearning app. The feedback we’ve had from users across social work, social care and early years has been fantastic and is really helping us shape future developments.

‘When we first launched the app, we had no idea how successful it would be. I will never forget one of the early days when we first promoted MyLearning, we couldn’t believe the number of downloads and at one point shut the server down as we were concerned we were being hacked, thankfully that was not the case it was just keen users.’

What you told us

We have had some great feedback from MyLearning users. Here is just some of the things they’ve said.

‘The app is so easy to navigate, I found it straight forward and especially like the extra security of a four-digit pin. What I like about it most is you can have the app on your phone so it is accessible all the time and whenever training/learning has been done I am able to upload to app straight away, which is a lot easier than having to get access to a laptop.’

‘Using the learning app allows easy quick access to record everyday learning in my workplace. I can record these anywhere at any time which is very convenient. Having an app like this should prevent professionals from forgetting to record any learning they complete. This in turn will show a more accurate level of the continuous development we do as registered workers.’

‘When I first downloaded the SSSC app, I liked the way it looked and the accessibility. The colour and design make it appealing. The way everything is on the home screen and easily accessed makes viewing your badges and the evidence you have provided really easy. You can set learning log goals or badge goals and it’s great to have somewhere that visually showcases your accomplishments’.

Download the app

Not using the MyLearning app? It’s not too late to get involved. You can download the app using the following links.

Google Play:


Please note the Android version of the MyLearning smartphone app is available on devices running Android 9.x and above. We cannot guarantee it will work on devices running older versions of Android which are no longer supported by Google.

What’s next

We have more updates planned and some exciting new features coming soon. These include tag suggestions to help you organise your learning logs by topic and the introduction of browser extensions so you can add useful articles or websites to your learning journal with a single click. The next version of MyLearning will also allow you to scan a QR code from the training provider and automatically log the details of the training in your journal.

To keep up to date visit the MyLearning website.

Contact information

Nichola Stark
Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Scottish Social Services Council