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20 Nov 2020

SSSC registration Employers

Do you endorse SSSC registration applications?

We have made some changes to the endorsement page of MySSSC to make sure the information provided on applications is as accurate as possible.

We want to help you to get the application right first time so we don’t need to ask for more information from applicants and employers after submitting the application.

Before you can endorse an application you need to click on the green ‘Go to application’ button. This will open the application form in a new tab.   It’s important you review the application for accuracy to help prevent any unnecessary delays.

Endorse application screen

You can then click the ‘return to the endorser’ tab where you are asked to answer some questions and provide an endorsement outcome.

We sometimes need to go back to applicants or employers to check employment details as the care service information is not always the same as the part of the Register they are applying for.

Employee updates once someone is registered

An employee/SSSC registrant can tell us about changes to their employment through their MySSSC online account along with any other change of details. Please tell your employees your care service number as they need this to provide us with any new employment details.

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council