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11 Mar 2024

SSSC registration

We’re pausing registration applications from April to June

Guidance for employers and workers who are unable to apply for registration between 10 April and 3 June 2024.


We are making significant changes to the Register from 3 June 2024.

  • The number of Register parts will reduce from 23 to four. We will continue to record the level of job role level and type of service that registrants work in.
  • Introduction of ongoing registration with an annual declaration, removing the need for registrants to renew registration every three or five years.
  • A requirement for workers to apply for registration within three months of starting in their role.
  • Changes to the information about a registrant on the public Register on our website, for example it will also show fitness to practise information, currently published elsewhere on the website. This brings us into line with other professional regulators.

To prepare for the changes, there will be a period of transition and some changes to our usual processes in the lead up to 3 June 2024.

To find out what this means for registrants, employers and applicants see the Registration is changing page.


We will not accept applications for registration between 10 April and 3 June 2024.

New staff will not be able to start or complete an application to register during this time. This may mean that workers will not be registered within six months of starting their role following the changes to the regulations. This could affect their continued employment.

Staff in a new role from 3 December 2023 should apply for registration in good time to make sure we can register them within the required six months. Staff starting in a new role after 3 June will have three months to apply for registration.

The current regulations say it is an offence to employ an unregistered worker after six months of being in the role unless the employer has a reasonable excuse.

Reasonable excuse is not defined because it is a decision for the courts and will depend on the individual circumstances. It is up to the employer to decide what action to take if a worker is not registered appropriately.

Given that we will not accept applications for registration between 10 April and 3 June 2024, employers may consider this to be a reasonable excuse and allow the person to continue in their role. An employer may want to carry out a risk assessment to assist them with this decision. Here is an example risk assessment form you can use to help with this process.

The Care Inspectorate is aware of the changes to the Register and the associated timescales.

Guidance for employers

Employers should continue to follow the guidance available on our website: SSSC Registration - the six-month rule and exceptional circumstances.

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council