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08 May 2020

Leadership Your learning

23 Things Leadership

Learn about leadership, how you can recognise your own leadership capability and develop it with our new resource, 23 Things Leadership

Good leadership is vital for effective social service and healthcare practice.  It supports the delivery of high quality services, and supports us to achieve positive outcomes for people who use services.

What is 23 Things Leadership?

23 Things Leadership is designed to help you engage in your own leadership development through bite-size pieces of learning and customise your learning experience according to your needs and interests.

The 23 Things cover different aspects of leadership at all levels, including development of the six leadership capabilities for workers in Scotland’s social services. Each Thing includes some theory, a learning activity and an opportunity to reflect on and capture your learning via an Open Badge. The optional Open Badges provide a means of:

  • recognising your learning
  • achieving continuing professional development (CPD)
  • generating evidence that may be used towards SVQ or other awards.

Each of the 23 Things puts you at the centre. They help you to interpret your leadership and learning in the context of your own role, experience and work environment.

There is no specified timescale to work through the learning activities – you work at your own pace. You are also free to pick and choose from each of the 23 Things according to your learning needs.

Who is it for?

It’s open to anyone working in social services or health in Scotland (in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors) as well as anyone with an interest in social services or healthcare.

Visit 23 Things Leadership and start your learning here.

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council