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28 Apr 2021

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Scottish Social Services Council publish 2021-2025 Equalities Report

Today, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) publishes its fifth Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Mainstreaming and Outcomes Report showing how we continue to mainstream and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The report includes recent progress and introduces our three equality outcomes for the next four years, as well as our plans to deliver and report on them.

Chief Executive, Lorraine Gray said:

‘We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in our various roles which include being a public body and the regulator for the social service workforce in Scotland.  

‘We recognise and value the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to our approach and we aim to treat everyone fairly and with respect, including registered workers and our staff.    

‘This report sets out our equality outcomes for the next four years and how we intend to build on our progress. They include a focus on data, partnership working and supporting our staff to engage effectively. They also include initiatives which will help us to develop a diverse workforce.’

Our outcomes 2021-2025

Outcome one: Promoting diversity in the social care workforce, including disabled people, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and people with care experience.

Outcome two: Increasingly demonstrate how our work is shaped by our key stakeholders including people who are care experienced. 

Outcome three: People increasingly view us as an employer of choice which promotes equality, diversity and inclusion in our recruitment processes and our existing staff. 

Our new outcomes: 

  • build on activities that we have identified or made limited progress on between 2017-2021, such as a better understanding of the profile of our registered workers
  • are informed by engagement with stakeholders in the sector
  • align with the priorities in our Strategic Plan 2020-2023 and related publications such as our plans for involving people, supporting care experienced people and promoting children’s rights
  • link to priorities that we’ve identified in key reports and initiatives including the Promise, the Independent Review of Adult Social Care (the Feeley Review) and a parliamentary inquiry into race and employment.

Download our Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Mainstreaming Report on our website.

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Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator
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