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08 Feb 2021

SSSC corporate

SSSC's response to the adult social care review

Statement from the SSSC in response to the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) welcomes the publication of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland.

We are particularly pleased that the review involved and listened to people with lived experiences of social services and that its recommendations put people, both those using social services, families and carers and those working in this sector, at the centre.

The collaborative approach of the review team showed genuine commitment to listen to the people for whom care services matter the most and we are pleased to have been involved and to be a central part of the important next step.

This was a significant task for Derek Feeley and his team to achieve in just a few months and their report and its recommendations provide a new opportunity for real and positive change to take place for people using social care services and those who work in them.

The recommendations recognise the passion and skill of the social work and social care workforce and the need for a fundamental shift in the way they are valued and developed so that we can attract the right people to deliver the best quality and standard of care for Scotland.

The SSSC’s remit includes people working with other groups with lived experience of social care including care experienced children and young people and the early years workforce. We are particularly interested in the conversations about the value of the social work, social care and early years workforce as a whole that will take place in the next few weeks and months.

We are looking forward to working closely with the Scottish Government and our partners on the detail of the recommendations and developing the implementation plan that has the potential to truly improve lives for so many people in Scotland.

You can read the report of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care on the Scottish Government website.

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Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council