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01 Apr 2020

Social service workforce

Recruiting staff for coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re asking for your help to fight COVID-19. The virus has put huge demand on the social service workforce, but you can make a real difference.

There has been a great response to the recruitment hub with more than 3,000 people registering to work in social care. New registrations have been paused while we process applications. If you registered before 30 April you should hear from us soon.

The people of Scotland need social care workers and early years workers in a range of care services, in residential and day centres, community facilities and in people’s homes to care for them now more than ever.

Together with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) we’ve launched a new recruitment website where you can register your interest in working in social care again.

There are also opportunities for people who could be keen to start a career in social services, maybe someone looking for a change of direction and a job that makes a real difference. We need people now to fill vacancies caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

People can work in social services without having to register with the SSSC for up to 12 months and employers will provide training and support to develop your skills.

How to apply (applications now closed)

Please go to the Health and social care COVID-19 accelerated recruitment portal to complete the Expression of Interest form. You will receive an acknowledgment email and from there your details will be sent to the SSSC if you wish to work in social services. 

When completing the form, you must choose one of the following from the ‘Interested in’ column for your details to come to us:

  • Adult Day Care
  • Care at Home
  • Care Home Service
  • Day Care of Children
  • Housing Support
  • Residential Child Care
  • Residential School Care Accommodation
  • Practitioner
  • Support Worker
  •  Supervisor.

We will receive the information from the Expression of Interest form. We will carry out pre employment checks and, if these are satisfactory, we will send your details to the relevant local authority, health and social care partnership and any other prospective employer who will be in touch.

Please note by completing the Expression of Interest form you are agreeing that you are:

  • declaring you are fit and healthy to work
  • declaring you are of good character
  • declaring that you are not currently or have been subject to any fitness to practise sanctions by a licensing or regulatory body either in the UK or any other country
  • not within the high risk categories from coronavirus (have had an organ transplant, are having certain types of cancer treatment, have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia, have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma, have a condition that makes you much more likely to get infections, are taking medicine that weakens your immune system, are pregnant and have a serious heart condition)
  • not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough)
  • declaring you have no pending or unspent convictions
  • consenting to your details being used and shared across a range of employers and stakeholders, for example SSSC and NES.

Please note by completing the Expression of Interest form you are also agreeing that you:

  • consent to your details (including information we may already hold about you) being used and shared across a range of employers and stakeholders, for example the SSSC and NES.

You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Data Protection Privacy Notice

  • We process certain information to help us carry out our responsibilities as the regulator for the social service workforce in Scotland.
  • We will be processing the information provided by you in the Expression of Interest forms and further information which we will obtain by carrying out pre employment checks, including checking our records for information we may hold on you, on the basis of your consent. Your consent may be withdrawn at any time.
  • The information will only be retained for as long as is necessary in connection with this recruitment process.
  • Details on what information is being processed and what we are doing with it are provided in our privacy notice.

Start your application by going to the Health and social care COVID-19 accelerated recruitment portal now. 

If you have any queries about the recruitment portal please contact us using the web form on our Contact us page or 0345 60 30 891.

Furloughed workers

If you are furloughed from your current employment you should speak to your employer to check if you will still be paid through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme if doing other work.

You can find the latest Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidance for employees and employers here.

Once you’ve checked with your employer any impact on you or them of doing other work you can sign up on the recruitment portal.

Guidance for employers

The recruitment portal is now open to all social care services in Scotland. Find out how you can use it in our Important information for social care services on staffing news article.

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council