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01 Nov 2019

SSSC registration

What's happening with the PRTL Review?

We’re making good progress with the review of our post registration training and learning (PRTL) process. The feedback on the current process and experience of registrants will help us design a new approach that meets the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce.

Learning from PRTL test sites

In 2018/19 we worked with five test sites to explore new ways of recording PRTL for social service workers. Overall, participants were positive about our proposals to introduce more flexibility in how learning is recorded for PRTL and to reduce the amount of information they have to submit to us.

You can read a summary of the evaluation findings here.

Findings from our continuous learning survey

This summer, we asked for feedback on the proposed changes to the PRTL process and results showed a high level of support.

Over 1300 people responded to the survey:

  • 90% agreed the new system should allow registrants much more flexibility in how they record their learning (eg using audio or video as well as written records)
  • 86% agreed registered workers should discuss their learning record with their supervisor / manager (through supervision or appraisal)
  • 88% agreed registrants should submit a short verification form rather than their whole record of learning to the SSSC
  • 83% agreed supervisors should be asked to sign a verification form to confirm that the learning has been undertaken.

Read a summary of the survey findings here.

Next steps

We are now developing the new system, and plan to test with a small group of participants in early 2020, before launching next autumn.

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council