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24 Oct 2019

Your learning Leadership

New supervision presentation

We’ve produced a new presentation with accompanying notes to help you facilitate a discussion around effective supervision.

You can edit the slides to be more specific to your own organisational development needs.

You can use the presentation slides for a range of purposes. It can be helpful for a new or existing manager where a team may seem less committed to supervision, if you’ve been recently promoted to a supervisory role, as part of an organisation’s induction programme, to support a manager’s continuous professional development or to support an organisation to introduce a revised supervision policy and procedure.

You can find the presentation on our Step into Leadership website.

Watch this video where SSSC Director of Development and Innovation, Phillip Gillespie talks about effective leadership and what’s important to him in his leadership and management role. He explores his greatest strength and the leadership capability he would like to develop more. He offers tips to others who may be starting in a leadership and management role.

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Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council