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23 Jun 2021

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New strategic outcome promoting value of the workforce

We have introduced a new outcome to our strategic plan to promote the value placed on the social work, social care and early years workforce. The new outcome builds on increased recognition the workforce gained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SSSC Strategic Plan 2020-23 

Our Strategic Plan 2020-23 was approved just as the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the social work, social care and early years workforce and resulted in wider public recognition, understanding and value of their role. 

We want to build on this opportunity by further promoting the value of the workforce to help this regulated profession gain deserved national recognition. We will do this by introducing an additional outcome to our strategic plan. 

Outcome 4 

The social work, social care and early years workforce is recognised as professional and regulated and valued for the difference it makes to people’s lives. 

Welcoming the new outcome SSSC Chief Executive Lorraine Gray said: ‘The tremendous commitment, effort and compassion shown by the workforce throughout COVID-19 is testament to their values and professionalism. 

‘Many of us have been overwhelmed by the work they’ve done to support some of society’s most vulnerable members during the most difficult of circumstances, which I don’t think any of us could have imagined. 

‘That’s why it’s important for us to further promote the value of this workforce to gain well deserved recognition as, put simply, we wouldn’t have got through the pandemic without them.’ 

What will we do? 

Over the next two years we will: 

  • continue to build on the positive awareness of the role and value of the social work, social care and early years workforce created during the pandemic. 

How will we measure our performance? 

  • We receive feedback that our work promotes the value of the social care workforce through engagement activity. 
  • We are able to demonstrate the impact of this workforce being qualified and registered, professional and regulated. 

Inspiring Care Stories and 20 years of regulation 

We will build on our Inspiring Care Stories gathered during 2020 and develop other approaches to celebrate the work of the sector. To mark our 20th anniversary this year we’ll look at how regulation has developed the sector over that time and hear from workers and national stakeholders about the value this professional and regulated workforce brings. 

You can read our Strategic Plan 2020-23 here.

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council