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26 Mar 2020

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New early learning and childcare course

The Open University’s Early Childhood team and the Scottish Government have developed a free online course, Identifying and supporting additional support needs in early learning and childcare, for early learning and childcare (ELC) practitioners.  

The module is aimed at supporting practitioners in identifying and supporting children with additional needs. 

The module has been produced for the Scottish context and includes original audio and visual recordings of practitioners, families and other colleagues, such as a speech and language therapist and other people expert in working with and for young children who have additional support needs and their families.   

An aim of the course is to increase practitioners’ knowledge and confidence and to make them aware that their existing experience, skills and qualities are important tools to use to find ways of supporting children with additional needs, which can be all children at some point in their lives. 

Sign up for the course here

If you have any feedback about the course please contact Jackie Musgrave or Sarah Burton Academic Leads for the course. 

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council