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30 Oct 2020

Your learning SSSC registration

New CPL requirement launched

The new continuous professional learning (CPL) requirement for SSSC registered workers comes into effect today.

We’ve published straightforward guidance for workers and employers that outlines the new CPL process in six easy steps. You can now log your learning in a way that suits you and confirm you’ve completed it when you renew your registration.

Take the time to read the guidance to get familiar with the new process, so you know what you need to do to keep your learning and development up to date.

MySSSC changes

We’ll be updating MySSSC on the evening of Monday 2 November to reflect the new CPL process.

After the MySSSC update anyone renewing their registration will follow the new process and need to confirm they’ve completed the required hours of CPL during their registration period.

CPL Open Badge

There is a CPL Open Badge for registered workers, which will help you reflect on your learning and how it’s contributed to improving your practice and working to the Codes of Practice. Get the full details the CPL Open Badge here.

MyLearning app

In November we’ll launch our MyLearning app, which is a new way to record and reflect on your learning on the go and is one of the options for recording your CPL. You’ll be able to download it to your smartphone and it’s free and easy to use.

Next steps

From January 2021 we’ll start sampling CPL. We won’t ask to see your CPL record but may ask you to review your learning with your supervisor if you haven’t completed a qualification for registration or the CPL Open Badge.


There are different CPL arrangements for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs). Read more about the requirements for NQSWs on our website.

If you have any questions about CPL please use the web form on our Contact us page.

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council