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30 Mar 2021

Your learning SSSC registration

How is your CPL going?

It’s nearly six months since we introduced the new continuous professional learning (CPL) requirement and soon we will start sampling registered workers’ learning.

The new CPL requirement simplifies the process so workers can record their CPL in the way that best suits them, whether that’s their employer’s system, a learning journal or the MyLearning app.

It doesn’t matter how you record your learning, as long as you can confirm you’ve completed the required hours during the registration period when you come to renew your registration. You can find out how many hours you need to do by looking up your Register part on our Help with Register parts, fees and qualifications tool.

Remember there are different CPL arrangements for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs). Read more on the NQSWs CPL page.

What you’ve told us

We’ve had some queries about the CPL requirement and want to make it easier for you.

  • What counts as learning?
    It’s not just about qualifications and formal training, all sorts of day-to-day learning count, like learning from others, reading, supporting others and preparing for new work.
  • Have you done a qualification?
    If you’ve gained a qualification during your registration period, you can count this towards your CPL. However, if you already held your qualification before your current registration period you will need to demonstrate you’ve completed the required hours of CPL.
  • Have you done the CPL Open Badge?
    There is a specific CPL Open Badge that you can use to evidence you’ve completed your required CPL. It will help you reflect on your learning and how it’s helped you meet the Codes of Practice.

You’ll find more questions and answers in our FAQs.

What if I’m chosen for CPL sampling?

If we choose to sample your CPL we’ll let you know three months before your registration renewal is due. Put simply, sampling means we’ll ask if your learning is endorsed by others. This can happen in three ways.

  • You’ve gained a qualification for registration during your current registration period.
  • You’ve completed the specific CPL Open Badge.
  • Have a CPL review discussion with your supervisor.

If you’ve not done either of the first two, we’ll ask you to have a CPL review discussion with your supervisor or line manager before you renew your registration. In this discussion you’ll consider three questions, one about your learning journey and two about the SSSC Codes of Practice.

When you renew your registration, we’ll ask you to submit your responses to the two questions about the Codes of Practice. You and your supervisor will also be asked to confirm you’ve had the CPL review discussion.

You’ll find more information and guidance on the CPL web page.

If you have any questions about CPL please use the web form on our Contact us page.

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council