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03 Aug 2020

SSSC registration Your learning

The new continuous professional learning requirement

This autumn we will replace post registration training and learning (PRTL) with a new continuous professional learning (CPL) requirement.

Over the last two years, we’ve been working with, and listening to employer and registrant views on what makes a good continuous learning experience. We want our system to support you in your learning, not get in the way.

Review of PRTL

In 2018/19 we shared our proposals to make changes to the PRTL requirements. This is the requirement that all registered workers complete a certain amount of learning during their registration period and keep a record of this.

What we wanted to change

There were three key areas we wanted to change. We wanted:

  1. to have more flexibility in how registrants record their learning
  2. you to submit less information to us
  3. to have better links to employers’ own systems for reviewing and recording learning.

We gathered views and ideas from across social services to inform the new approach.

We worked with pilot test sites across private, voluntary and local authority services with different registrant groups. Together we tested a range of different approaches to continuous professional learning.

We received over 1,300 views on the proposed changes to PRTL in our survey in summer 2019.

What we proposed

Registrants should be able to record their learning in a way that works best for them rather than everyone using the MySSSC form. We also wanted to avoid duplication for registrants who were already using their employers’ systems for recording their learning.

Employers should have more of a role in reviewing registrants’ learning as many were already doing this as part of supervision or annual review processes.

Registrants should discuss their learning with their supervisor at the end of their registration period. Included in this discussion will be learning related to the SSSC Codes of Practice and the Health and Social Care Standards.

What we learned

Our consultation with the sector told us 90% of respondents agreed there should be more flexibility how learning is recorded. Reducing duplication was welcomed and 86% agreed learning records should be discussed with supervisors. Eighty-eight per cent agreed a short verification form signed by a supervisor should be shared with the SSSC rather than the whole learning record.  

The participants in the test sites found recording learning in a range of ways helped them to include different types of learning, particularly informal learning. They also tried and liked completing reflective diaries, floor books, mind maps and open badges.

What we are working on now  

The feedback from the consultation and the test sites has helped us to develop our new system for continuous professional learning. We are:

  • developing our IT systems to support the changes
  • drafting guidance for registrants and employers
  • developing an online app called MyLearning which registrants can use to record learning if they wish
  • developing an optional Open Badge for continuous professional learning.

Next steps

We will introduce the new continuous professional learning requirement at the end of October. Watch out for more details in our September enewsletter. We plan to hold online familiarisation sessions for employers and registrants in the autumn.

There will be no change to the amount of learning required. However, the PRTL part of MySSSC will no longer be available from October this year. We will contact registrants with information about this. We ask that you keep your own record until the new system is introduced.

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council