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01 Sep 2020

Your learning SSSC registration

Changes to post registration training and learning

Post registration training and learning (PRTL) is changing to continuous professional learning (CPL) this autumn. Here is what you need to know.

What will stay the same?

We are not making any changes to the number of hours of CPL you need to complete during your registration period.

What will be different?

The main changes we are making are:

  • registrants will be able to choose how to record their CPL
  • you will be asked to self-declare you have met your CPL hours when you re-register
  • we will ask a small number of registrants to have a CPL review
  • we won’t ask you to submit your whole record of learning (unless you are a newly qualified social worker, see extra information below).

We’re developing a new MyLearning app and a CPL Open Badge to help you.

What will the new process be?

When you are due to renew your registration, we will ask you to confirm you have kept a record of your learning and completed the required number of CPL hours. We will do this via MySSSC.

We will ask a small number of registrants for an endorsement of their CPL.

What happens if I am asked for CPL endorsement?

If you have undertaken a qualification for registration (for example an SVQ or management qualification) or completed our CPL Open Badge, we will ask you to declare this, then you can register as normal. This shows us that others have endorsed your learning during your registration period.

If you have not done any of these, we will ask you to have a discussion with your supervisor to review and endorse your CPL. You will then confirm this discussion has taken place when you complete the MySSSC forms to re-register.

Next steps

We will provide more information for workers and employers before we launch the new CPL requirement.

What the changes mean for NQSWs

You will need to complete the required number of hours of CPL, including evidencing child and adult protection, during your registration period.

You will need to submit your whole record of learning to us at the end of the NQSW period when we ask for it.

What will be different for NQSWs?

The main differences are:

  • you will record CPL on a Record of Achievement Form instead of uploading it to MySSSC
  • you can include additional learning records such as any record downloaded from MySSSC or your own learning log.

Next steps for all registrants

Make sure you download any learning stored on MySSSC by 31 October.

Look out for more information about the CPL requirement and our MyLearning app soon.

If you have any queries please contact us using the web form on our Contact us page.

Contact information

Lorraine Wakefield
Communications Manager
Scottish Social Services Council