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18 Dec 2019

Careers in care

Resources to develop your career in social services

Our career website gives you everything you need to know for getting started.

There are examples of what working in social services is like and you can see the qualifications and roles you can achieve throughout your career.

Visit our careers website here.

A Question of Care: a career for you?

Try this interactive video challenge to find out if you would enjoy working in social services. At the end you’ll receive a detailed personal profile about your values. Use this to identify your strengths and areas where more learning is required. You can even use it to prepare for job interviews.

Studying for your qualification

We’ve put together some information about qualifications you can achieve at work, as an apprentice, at college or at university.

Communication skills for caring

Would you like to strengthen your reading, writing, speaking or listening skills? Perhaps you speak another first language and want to improve your English? Communication skills are important in social service careers and this website points you to some online, local and national resources which can help you.

A Career in Social Services - a job like no other

Our careers booklet gives you practical information on starting a career in social work, social care or children and young people settings. It also tells you how you can gain experience by volunteering.

Right values right people

Values-based recruitment is important in attracting and retaining the right staff in social services. Our values-based recruitment toolkit has helpful information for employers and workers. This includes videos, examples of behaviours tool and example interview questions.

Care in Scotland – it’s life-changing work

Read our case studies to get a realistic picture of the work you will do. You can read about:

Open Badges

Would you like a way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to employers? Would you like to keep a digital record of your learning? You should sign up for Open Badges. Here are some suggested badges to get you started:

Writing evidence for Open Badge submissions

The common core of skills, knowledge and values

The Common Core outlines key attributes that everyone working with Scotland’s people should have. This website links the Common Core to the National Occupational Standards which form the basis of social service qualifications and training programmes.

The Codes of Practice for Social Service Workers and Employers

The Codes set out the behaviours and values expected of social service workers and employers. They are an important way of making sure people receive high quality care.

Learning the Codes can help you write job applications, prepare for interviews and complete qualifications. You can download the Codes in different formats and languages at

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