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Woman holding a sign saying she is SSSC registered

01 Oct 2019

Social service workforce

Are you #SSSCregistered?

There are over 160,000 people on the SSSC Register who provide life changing care in adult, children’s, young people’s and social work services across Scotland.

As an SSSC registrant you make an immensely positive difference to the lives of the people you care for.

Being registered means that you have the necessary values set out in the SSSC Code of Practice, skills and qualifications (or are working towards a qualification) for your role.

It means that people using services, their families, carers and the wider public know that social services are delivered by a trusted, skilled and confident workforce.

Shout about it! Tell people you’re registered

Talking about registration will help more people to understand what it means and reassure them you have the necessary values, skills and qualifications.

Get involved with our social media campaign to help people learn about SSSC registration by telling them you are #SSSCregistered for the #lifechangingwork you do.

Here’s what you can do

  • Use the hashtag #SSSCregistered on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to tell your friends and followers you’re SSSC registered.
  • Print the I’m #SSSCregistered and We’re #SSSC registered posters and share your photo. Download the posters on the right.
  • Share the I’m #SSSCregistered image on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.
  • If you’re coming along to an SSSC event get your photo taken with your colleagues and our placard.
  • If someone from the SSSC is visiting your service or meeting with you, ask them to bring a placard along to get some snaps.

Our registered workers

Many SSSC employees are registered social workers. Here’s what a couple have to say about being #SSSCregistered.

Phillip Gillespie, SSSC Director of Development and Innovation and registered social worker said:

‘Registration positively demonstrates that I have achieved professional standards and I am committed to improving my learning and practice and leadership.’

Lorna Dalton, SSSC Learning and Development Adviser and registered social worker said:

‘I'm proud to be a social worker and being registered means I'm part of a committed and professional workforce in Scotland.’

Robert Kelman, SSSC Learning and Development Adviser and registered social worker said:

‘Being SSSC registered helps me feel like a valued member of the social service profession.’

We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

Contact information

Sandra Wilson
Communications Officer
Scottish Social Services Council